Wooden Coconut Cutlery

These ECO-FRIENDLY UTENSILS are handcrafted from coconut wood. A sustainable alternative to traditional disposable plastic cutlery comes from a fallen coconut tree that normally would become waste. Carefully crafted and beautiful texture make this reusable utensil a perfect gift from nature. Put these sustainable utensils in your lunch box every day or in your travel bag.
In each kit, a BAMBOO STRAW and a CLEANER BRUSH are absolutely indispensables. Natural bamboo straws are hand-crafted. Each straw is hand-made, unique in color, texture, diameter, and fineness. This sustainable straw contains no dyes or inks and absolutely no dyes, inks and absolutely no chemicals. A natural coconut husk cleaning brush helps you wash easily this bamboo straw.
A REUSABLE BAG is exactly designed to carry easily this zero waste utensils. This pouch keeps utensils sanitary, prefer for camping, travel, school, office or home.

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