TreO Bamboo - Eco-friendly, Natural and Handcrafted Product

Bamboo toothbrush 4-pack

$11.99 $20.99
$0.99/straw will be added for engraving fee

For healthier teeth and cleaner planet  

TreO Bamboo Toothbrush is an alternative to the plastic one. This bamboo toothbrush is the most suitable choice for those who care about dental health and want to contribute more to environment. 

This pack includes: 04 bamboo toothbrushes

- Origin: This toothbrush is made in Canada and made in Vietnam

- Eco-friendly: Made of natural bamboo wood, the handle of the toothbrush is 100% biodegradable. It can be safely discarded by returning it to the ground in compost or landfill.

- Practical: Soft nylon bristles provide maximum performance to remove stains, tartar and plaque from sensitive teeth and gums. Your teeth will always stay healthy.

- Packaging: All our packaging is made of brown recycled paper without any plastic. 

Note: Because the handle of this toothbrush is totally natural from bamboo, we advise you to thoroughly dry the toothbrush before storing.

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