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This amazing reusable kit is so useful for each family member whenever you go to school, to work, to camp or to travel.
This family ZERO WASTE set includes:

4 coconut bowls :
After removing the flesh and juice, the coconut is given second life with a rigorous upcycling process by our talented artisans in Vietnam. The coconut shell is then treated with traditional coconut oil. So, holding this coconut bowl in your hand, you will smell an authentic coconut oil.
This round, light and durable Buddha bowl can be used to store healthy food, salad, smoothies, and liquids over and over.
This VEGAN BOWL can be considered as an ideal product for those who love natural products, ecological and good for health.

4 eco-friendly utensils kits:
These ECO-FRIENDLY UTENSILS are handcrafted from coconut wood. A sustainable alternative to traditional disposable plastic cutlery comes from a fallen coconut tree that normally would become waste. Carefully crafted and beautiful texture make this reusable utensil a perfect gift from nature. Put these sustainable utensils in your lunch box every day or in your travel bag.
In each kit, a BAMBOO STRAW and a CLEANER BRUSH are absolutely indispensables. Natural bamboo straws are hand-crafted. Each straw is hand-made, unique in color, texture, diameter, and fineness. This sustainable straw contains no dyes or inks and absolutely no dyes, inks and absolutely no chemicals. A natural coconut husk cleaning brush helps you wash easily this bamboo straw.
A REUSABLE BAG is exactly designed to carry easily this zero waste utensils. This pouch keeps utensils sanitary, prefer for camping, travel, school, office or home.


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