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At TreO Bamboo, WE THOUGHT CIRCULARITY. After removing the flesh and juice, the coconut is given second life with a rigorous upcycling process by our talented artisans in Vietnam. The coconut shell is then treated with traditional coconut oil. So, holding this coconut bowl in your hand, you will smell an authentic coconut oil. THE BUDDHA BOWL TREND, this round, light and durable Buddha bowl can be used to store healthy food, salad, smoothies and liquids over and over. You can use it to decorate, store things, plant trees.

This VEGAN BOWL can be considered as an ideal product for those who love natural products, ecological and good for health.

You can also CUSTOMIZE YOUR OWN COCONUT BOWL by engraving your brand, logo or name. Please contact



Dimension: between 12 and 14 cm (4.72 à 5.51 pouces)

Depth: between 6 and 7 cm (2.36 à 2.75 inches)

Capacity: between 500 and 700 ml


100% natural

Unique in shape, size and color,




Easy to clean

Handmade from real coconuts