At TreO Bamboo, protecting the environment is more than just a task, it's a passion. Having spent his childhood in Vietnam, our founder Bach Nguyen lives in Canada. Since 2016, he has nourished an idea that aims to inspire change while seeking to improve the lives of artisans, Vietnamese minorities. In 2018, TreO Bamboo is officially launched as a Montreal-based social impact company with 3-zero: zero waste, zero inequality, and zero exclusion: 

  • Zero Waste: offers ecological alternatives to plastics by handcrafted products made from natural materials such as bamboo or coconut to design sustainable products such as straws, utensils, and bowls.
  • Zero inequality: Fair Trade is the focus of TreO Bamboo's activities. This contributes to sustainable development by providing better trading conditions, ensuring the rights of artisans and workers in Vietnam.
  • Zero exclusion: TreO Bamboo seeks to promote measures to promote the integration of marginalized populations to reduce social vulnerability in Vietnam and to reduce poverty

Nowadays, the use of single-use products seriously affects the ocean ecosystem. By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. There is no second planet! So solutions to decrease plastics should be taken urgently.

Bamboo grows very fast, it takes only 6 years to grow (up to 4 feet per day) and without the use of chemicals. Bamboo straw is 100% biodegradable, reusable and washable and therefore it does not cause any damage to the marine life or the environment of our planet.

At the same time, as recognizing the importance of coconut through landscapes, cooking, cosmetics or medicine but billions of coconut shells are buried or worse, burned after removing his flesh and his juices. By up-cycling this natural material, we create our sustainable coconut bowls. We save thousands of coconut waste discarded in landfill by boosting the circular economy.

Our mission is to inspire people with a zero waste lifestyle from the smallest things in everyday life. That's why TreO Bamboo always develops ecological products in three ways:

Equally made : Collaborating with craft villages in Vietnam, we offer products whose raw materials are completely by nature and they are treated by Vietnamese craftspeople. 


Handcrafted with love in Viet Nam: At TreO Bamboo, product quality is prioritized.  Our craftsmen work mainly by hand with passion. Our products are made carefully in color, size, and shape.  


Reuse : For us, the notion of "unique use" does not exist in products, even ideas. That's why our products are always reusable and varied in function. 


Reduce our ecological footprint by simple actions and that's what we offer. Together, towards a green lifestyle!

Bach Nguyen