Mandate: 2019-2020

Join us with " Ambassador Program"

Our customers are our best influencers. Join our eco-ambassador program and be rewarded for sharing your TreO Bamboo favorites with your audience!

1. Main information about the program : Ambassador program details

 2. Ambassador Program Policies

Instructions for Creating a TreO Bamboo Ambassador Account

By participating in the TreO Bamboo Affiliate Program, you agree with the terms and policies in the agreement below. Please read the entire Agreement. It is a legal agreement between you and TreO Bamboo. By creating an Ambassador account through our Goaffpro, you agree that you have read and accepted this Agreement. So these 3 simple steps below allow you to track your commissions generated from your referral link:


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

 - Create an ambassador account. Tap this link:

- Browse your referral link and select the products you want to promote.


 Share the generated referral link to your blog, social media,etc  to generate commands for the TreO Bamboo website.


Watch the growth of commissions for orders placed through your referrals.





Within 30 days, if there is no activity performed on your social network as an TreO's ambassador, your account will be locked.