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One step at a time…

At the beginning of the year 2019, Treo Bamboo suggests a little change that brings great results that everyone all can do:


Every day, let’s reduce a straw, a bottle of water, a utensil or a plastic bag, this tiny action is not only good for the environment, but also protects our health.

It’s guaranteed:  every time you refuse to use plastic straws in a restaurant, you will fell so proud and get fun. Let’s count, each day you do not use plastic straws, one year you save at least 365 straws discharged into the environment. Imagine, it’s great if there are 1 million people who don’t use plastic products like you, by that way, we can make a big difference, right?

Plastic waste is really a threat to our health because they are found in salt, drinking water, in the air that we eat and breathe every day. We are the impact citizens, so in 2019 let’s start to change from this little action.

Impact 2019,

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