Solo TreO Coconut Bowl

$9.99 $10.99

Diameter 13-14cm (5.10-5.51po) x H6-6.5cm (2.36-2.55po)

These eco-friendly bowls are perfect for everything like salads, stir-fry or smoothie bowl. Your best choice ever for you and your family in everyday life. Everything looks and tastes better from a TreO Bowl.

The natural Bowl is up-cycled from coconut. Each one have a different shape, texture and color. Vietnamese craftsmen have thoroughly sanded, finely ground and polished inside and outside. This Bowl is round, light and durable. This Buddha bowl can be used to store healthy food, salad, smoothies and liquid.

TreO Coconut Bowls are gifts from nature, handcrafted from real coconuts discarded as waste. 

With every use you save a coconut, help the environment and support rural craftspeople.

Please see how to care TreO Bowl at care instructions

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