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One step at a time…

At the beginning of the year 2019, Treo Bamboo suggests a little change that brings great results that everyone all can do: “REDUCE THE USE OF SINGLE-USE PLASTIC PRODUCTS!” Every day, let’s reduce a straw, a bottle of water, a utensil or a plastic bag, this tiny action is not only good for the environment, … Continued

What we work with community action?

The TreO Bamboo project seeks to offer reusable bamboo straws to reduce the use of single-use plastic straws. It is one of the top ten trashes found in rivers and oceans. Together, we are contributing step-by-step to the success of the great pan-Canadian initiative to collect waste and plastics that otherwise could end up in … Continued

Bamboo straws is not just straws

Plastic straws as well as plastic bags, they not only affect the environment but also affect our health. If possible, give up the plastic straws or replace them. A plastic straw can be tiny but stop using it can solve the big problem is plastic pollution. So, why not consider using bamboo straws? Bamboo straw … Continued

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