Bamboo straws is not just straws

Plastic straws as well as plastic bags, they not only affect the environment but also affect our health. If possible, give up the plastic straws or replace them. A plastic straw can be tiny but stop using it can solve the big problem is plastic pollution. So, why not consider using bamboo straws?
Bamboo straw seems strange, but this fun alternative to say no to plastic gives us nostalgic memories. This is a reusable and biodegradable straw. In addition, this natural product contains no chemicals. Bamboo is a natural plant that grows very fast in Vietnam. Under the skillful hands of the artisans, bamboo culms are cut and polished. They are transformed straw very smooth and eco-friendly. By purchasing TreO Bamboo straws, you save our planet and give others a chance to have better lives.

Bamboo and Vietnam

Bamboo is entirely natural and biodegradable. It grows easily and there is no added pesticide or chemical fertilizer. Thus this plant does absolutely no damage to animal life, marine life or the environment in general. It could be considered one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable plants. Bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than other trees*, helping to combat climate change. In addition, it is one of the fastest growing plants.

Bamboo is widely used in the daily life of Vietnamese people. Nobody knows since when bamboo is on the territory of Vietnam, but bamboo has been attached to the Vietnamese people from generation to generation and has become a close friend of the Vietnamese. Bamboo represents Vietnamese culture, its simplicity, and liveliness. In the Vietnamese spirit, bamboo is considered a beautiful symbol for the people of this country of Southeast Asia.

This is an alternative to the plastic straw that pollutes for 500 years after being thrown away. Bamboo straws are 100% natural, made of real bamboo in Vietnam, without dyes or harmful chemicals. Our bamboo straws are therefore biodegradable and do not pollute. In addition, each straw is handmade by Vietnamese artisans in our community. Each straw is unique in color, texture, diameter, and fineness. Resistant and easy to clean, our straws do not crumble and do not mold. You can reuse them as long as you want!

Easy to maintain:

  • Wash by hand before first use and allow to dry
  • Wash by hand after each use
  • Use until the bamboo changes color (from light brown to dark brown)
  • To disinfect them after many uses, boil them with vinegar in water (1 unit of vinegar per 20 liters of water)

Customization in a straw



TreO Bamboo also offers you an authentic customization service as a corporate gift with your logo on your ecological bamboo straws because we know how important it is to look after your image. Whether you are a restaurant, a hotel, a shop, an organization or a school, we help you make your logos visible to your customers and partners on reusable straws they will reuse daily.



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