Bamboo straws is not just straws

Plastic straws as well as plastic bags, they not only affect the environment but also affect our health. If possible, give up the plastic straws or replace them. A plastic straw can be tiny but stop using it can solve the big problem is plastic pollution. So, why not consider using bamboo straws?
Bamboo straw seems strange, but this fun alternative to say no to plastic gives us nostalgic memories. This is a reusable and biodegradable straw. In addition, this natural product contains no chemicals. 
Bamboo is a natural plant that grows very fast in Vietnam. Under the skillful hands of the artisans, bamboo culms are cut and polished. They are transformed straw very smooth and eco-friendly. By purchasing TreO Bamboo straws, you save our planet and give others a chance to have better lives.


@TreO Bamboo