The travel is a chance for valuable human and cultural enrichment, and a wonderful way to open our mind but it is also a polluting act: the tourism industry has a significant impact on the climate by 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions ( *)
So how to continue travel over the world without leaving negative effects on the environment. In this topic, we offer 5 tips to reduce your carbon footprint and make your trip eco-friendly.

  1. Prefer the least polluting transport

The first thing to do is to favor the least polluting modes of transport. The plane is the least eco- friendly way of traveling according to a report published by the Climate Action Network, (**) : An airplane releases about 360 grams of CO2 per person per kilometer compared to 150 grams for the same car journey and 11 grams for a train. You can choose the train or share a car for eco-responsible travel

   2. Walk more for the environment

The idea here is to walk! Discovering a country by walking as much as possible allows you to take your time to observe and establish a greater proximity with the inhabitants. In addition, it is good for the environment and your health. In case your destination is too far to walk, cycling is considered the best alternative.

   3. Avoid luxury hotels and favor local businesses

Paddy fields, forests and beaches are being destroyed to make way for luxury hotels. By choosing small local places, you economize more and have the chance to be closer to community life. In addition, you should pay special attention to hotels that are eco-responsible and have good low-impact practices for the planet if you have the choice.

    4. Consume responsible

Traveling is the time to test the local cuisine, right? Try to eat at local restaurants, or eat street food instead of eating at your hotel. If you have to order street food, refuse straws, plastic bags, double paper towels. We suggest a travel combo as the solution, this combo includes: bamboo straw, coconut bowl, coconut utensils if you want to take your food. Moreover, do not forget to bring your bag and reusable bottle. With these simple little actions, you can reduce your impact on the environment by traveling.

   5. Travel without leaving a trace

If you intend to organize outdoor activities such as team building, camping, when you leave, make sure you will take all the things that you brought there. Let's bring a bag for garbage, not just yours. If you see plastic left on a hiking path or on a beach, you should pick them up ... nature will be grateful! 

Being a responsible traveler is super easy! This not only helps to have a positive impact on the planet and  a "clean and beautiful" landscape to enjoy and discover. And you, what are your tips for traveling more environmentally friendly?



(**):https://reseauactionclimat.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/Cinq-mythes-sur-le-transport -a% CC% 81rien.pdf